St. Stephen’s Newsletter: October 2018

By Editor, Nov 9 2018 10:23PM

The last few weeks have been interesting ones for us here at St. Stephen’s. First of all, on a lovely Sunday morning, Judith announced both the safe birth of Lauren’s baby son, Ernie and the amazingly good news from Jean and Adrian.

Baby Ernie did suffer a relapse but, much to everyone’s relief, has since recovered, is thriving and has already been introduced to his St. Stephen’s family.

Our Harvest celebrations were quite interesting too, happy and we like to think successful. Numbers were higher than anticipated for our Supper but Linda and Pat’s delicious food was sufficient to feed everyone and the Oasis Singers from Stan’s Baptist Church were a joyful bonus. As always there was much other work behind the scenes to be thankful for, from Frances, Martine, Judith, and of course, Janet.

Janet is in her element on Harvest Supper evening and it is always a pleasure to share in her enjoyment, while Linda takes care of most of the catering so capably – and deliciously! Our thanks to them and of course to all of you who shared the evening with us – it was a pleasure.

A very special thank you too, to Vicky for her stunning Harvest floral display and the beautiful Harvest loaf. The display is the first thing that greets us on Harvest Service morning, a testament to both Vikki’s skill and her kindness and commitment to St. Stephen’s.

Sadly there were not many of us present but David led us in a joyful service of thanksgiving and there were copious donations to be taken later to LeatherHEAD Start.

There were conversely lots of people present for the baptism of little Daisy, the church was full of family and friends. Daisy was absolutely adorable and the service was a delight too. As always we send our love and good wishes for the future to Daisy and all her family.

Another rather special service also occurred recently, for which we give thanks to Simon. Our designated leader was detained, the service was due to begin. As Simon walked through the door Judith quietly explained our dilemma and Simon offered himself.

It was a lovely service, completely heartfelt, complete with sermon. It was difficult not to be a bit overwhelmed by the simplicity with which it all evolved, from Judith’s quiet assessment of the situation to Simon’s quiet acceptance of his role.

So those were all lovely things to be thankful for, and I know I should be thankful too for the life of Olive and that she no longer suffers, but I am also sad that she is no longer with us. When I first met Olive I was a bit wary, but grew to become genuinely fond of her – even her spikey bits, of which she was very aware, having pointed them all out to me!

I remember Olive speaking about her youth, and adventurous times acting as a navigator in rally driving. She was at pains to point out that she, along with many others, had not always been ‘just little old ladies’, had lived and had many different facets to their lives. Olive’s life did indeed have many different facets but through all the years I knew her, the one steadfast thing was her deep faith.

Remembering you always, Olive, with love. I will miss you and all your spikey bits.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

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