St. Stephen’s newsletter February 2018

By Editor, Feb 18 2018 08:00AM

Services for February 2018

Sun. 4th 9.30am Holy Communion

Sun. 11th 9.30am Holy Communion

Sun. 18th 9.30am Family Worship

Sun. 25th 9.30am Holy Communion

As I write today the sun is shining and I’ve just been rereading Judith’s notes from our St. Stephen’s meeting on the 4th February so, despite the horrible ‘bug’ that is causing such misery, it seems a very optimistic time of year. It is both amazing and reassuring how much of our year has already been mapped out.

Early on in our meeting the offering of the intercessionary prayers was raised. To date it has been both a privilege and a comfort to share the contributions of Janet, Judith, Linda and Pat, in addition to those of our clergy team. Despite Judith’s request/invitation for more contributors we all seemed happy, and thankful, to accept the present situation!

Likewise, Pat’s Lenten Lunches have become a fixture and a very popular one, able to attract participants from the wider Village community. Pat’s formula of simple but delicious lunches comprised of homemade soups, bread and cheeses, incorporating discussions as to which charity should receive the day’s donations, have proved steadfastly satisfying – for both tummy and mind. This year the lunches take place on Tuesday 20th February, Tuesday 6th March and Tuesday 20th March, at 15, Grosvenor Road.

Meanwhile, Linda’s next lovely afternoon tea sessions are due to take place on 18th March and 13th May, down at St. Martin’s. In addition I understand from Linda that last year Adrian’s Lenten lunches, well Linda’s lunches and Adrian’s following discussions, were also very satisfying and popular and are due to be reprised this year. These also take place at St. Martin’s, with details in the weekly newsletter.

With food very much on the agenda, it was next agreed that our Palm Sunday breakfasts have reached the end of their era, so Linda and I can now look forward with great pleasure to being part of our Palm Sunday Service. Pat then offered to make a simnel cake for Mothering Sunday – now that’s the last of our food talk!

There was of course much discussion surrounding our Easter celebrations – of Prayer, Music and Meditation, of the evening vigil, and much else. On a lighter note, I think Adrian assumed responsibility for the fire, or at least the lighting of it. As always, these events will also be listed in the weekly newsletter.

Speaking of fire, or more specifically, candles, our Candlemas Service was an especial joy this year. I’ve always loved the stories of Anna and Simeon and the presentation at the temple, and our service with the lighted candles and our ‘almost’ procession went some way towards compensating for the packing away of the nativity characters at home. Thank you Adrian and everyone.

And finally, as always, we have received many satisfying, comforting, uplifting services in recent weeks and have also been aware of the efforts made on our behalf to introduce several new service booklets. We appreciate that these may not yet be the definitive article but somehow it focuses the mind to have familiar themes presented in a slightly different format, and makes one think anew. So our grateful thanks to all those involved in the preparation of the booklets.

On behalf of everyone here at St. Stephen’s Janie Grinstead

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