Second Thoughts Series 2019


Graeme Lodge


‘Space for Grace: The Local Ministry Programme’


Graeme Lodge is currently studying on the Local Ministry Programme in Guildford to become a Licensed Lay Minister. He is currently in the second year of the three-year course. These studies take place alongside his full-time job as Director of Examinations and External Visits at Epsom College and his family life.


This is an opportunity to discover more about the Local Ministry Programme in the Diocese and will be an insight into how the Church of England prepares candidates for ministry. The evening will include some opportunity for theological reflection, which is an important part of the course.




Ruta Abakuks


‘A Story of Exile’


Rūta Abakuks was born in Britain to Latvian parents and she has been active within the Latvian community and church in Great Britain all her life. She came to Epsom 27 years ago, worked at Wallace Fields Junior School for six years before going to teach at a prep school in New Malden. She is married to Andris.


Ruta’s mother, Skaidrīte Dreimane, was forced to leave Latvia during the Second World War and afterwards found refuge in the UK. What drove her mother to leave everything behind and journey to unknown countries, leaving behind everything that she had ever known? In some ways her story is the story of every migrant, every refugee, and every displaced person. This opportunity to speak about her mother is a tribute to all who have made such a journey.






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Adrian Esdaile

Priest in Retirement


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"Finally, whatever is true... whatever is admirable - if anything is excellent or praiseworthy - think about such things"

Philippians 4.8.

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13th January at 6.30 pm















10th February at 6.30 pm

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